About Us

We were born in Jakarta as we started our integrated creative service company in 2017. 

Built through passionate 3 individuals; Irene, Johanes and Gin. We became the one stop 3D Studio in Indonesia that catered; pre-production, production and post production all integrated in our services. 


For us, teamwork is the key to creating great masterpieces and there’s no limit to it. From simple things such as 2D that turns alive into 3D animations even up to making real-life-like characters of Avatars!

We don’t specify our consumers because for us, art is for everyone. Those who want to turn their pet into cute characters with our fastest scan technology, you can have a gift for your loved ones or a reward to yourself, from every age for every size they want. We’ll make it come true! With us, you can make your own signature avatar as unique as you are so you can enhance your digital appearance and become the centre of attention throughout your social media and show the world who you are. 

We believe with us Menimize, we can maximise the output we give to you through the innovative technologies we have and tailor-made results in our services. We make 3D animations better than ever before.